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Ever wonder why “It’s the Law”, follows the Call Before You Dig line? Well the law is IC 8-1-26 and to see a full copy of the laws code you can visit the and click on the Law Tab. There you will find the law and its full list of definitions. But for now, let’s visit IC 8-1-26-6 “Excavate” this is the section that defines what excavate means.

Sec. 6 As used in this chapter, “excavate” means an operation for the movement, placement, or removal of earth, rock, or other materials in or on the ground by use of tools or mechanized equipment or by discharge of explosives, including angering, backfilling, boring, digging, ditching, drilling, driving, grading, jacking, plowing in, pulling in, ripping, scraping, trenching, and tunneling.

So basically if you are touching dirt…. Call Before You Dig!