April is Indiana Safe Digging Month

Gov. Holcomb Proclaims April as Indiana Safe Digging Month With the start of spring digging season around the corner, Gov. Eric Holcomb has issued a proclamation announcing April as Indiana Safe Digging Month. This month-long acknowledgement takes place in collaboration with National Safe Digging Month being recognized by the damage prevention community throughout the country. … Read more

Pipeline Safety Markers

 Job “one” at Indiana Utilities Corporation is public safery. These pipeline safety markers help identify where our lines are. You will see more of these markers going up to comply with IURC regulations. If you would like more information about pipeline safety please contact our office at 812-738-3235. And remember always “CALL BEFORE YOU DIG, IT’S THE LAW”. Call 811 or visit online 811now.com!

Keeping the area at your gas meter clear

Indiana Utilities would like to ask our customers to keep the area around their gas meter clear and clean. Also for new home builders before picking your landscape plants at or near your meter, please keep in mind how large those plants might grow in the future. If the plant grows through the piping our … Read more

What Is Excavation?

Excavation refers to any operation involving the movement of earth, rock or other material below existing grade or surface level. Excavation can include digging, blasting, boring, driving, tunneling and backfilling

Pictures from our past

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Here are some pictures that we ran across in putting together our new website. Do you recognize this building which was our office building?  It’s the bed and breakfast located just down the street from our current location.   Here’s a picture of one of our old service trucks.   Does anyone have any idea … Read more

Check out our new website

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We have recently been working hard on providing a better user experience on our website. We have added some new features and made the website more mobile-friendly. We hope you like it!